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My name is Michelle Dinan, I live and work in Bournemouth, Dorset, and I specialise in design and front end development, which means working with the way a website or application looks and acts in a browser from a user’s perspective and in my case involves:

  • Writing HTML markup to create templates which make up the visual structure of a website or application;
  • Creating CSS (Cascading Stylesheets) to control the visible appearance of a website or application;
  • Utilising Information architecture and accessibility practices to make content most usable and accessible to the end user no matter how they choose to access it;
  • Working with CMS (Content Management Systems);
  • Thorough testing of websites and applications in a variety of browsers and screen sizes to ensure coherence and adaptability;
  • Adding subtle visual or functional effects to a website or application using jQuery.

Growing up, I lived in West Sussex and went to school in East Grinstead, before moving to Bournemouth in 2003 to complete my graphic design degree at The Arts Institute at Bournemouth (now called Arts University Bournemouth). Since graduating in 2006, I have worked on both a freelance basis and full time for various design agencies in Dorset, and currently work for Sycora.

I initially set up this blog in November 2011 to document in my own (maybe sometimes muddled) way how to do certain things with HTML, CSS and jQuery, and to try out some new things. I thought it would also be a good way to get up to speed with building a WordPress theme from scratch, which I hadn’t done for a while. I figured my findings and experiments would probably be quite useful to other designer/developers too, which is why I have kept it public. It’s grown quite a bit already since I set it up, and I hope to continue adding and tweaking as I continue to learn, which will never stop 😉

This blog is built upon WordPress, and uses the following:

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