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Drawing a Lego brick with HTML & CSS3 3

Drawing a Lego brick with CSS3

I wanted to challenge myself to draw something with CSS, using some properties at my disposal from CSS3 like gradients, rotation, skew and border-radius. I needed something relatively simple to attempt to draw, and as I frequently think about toys, a Lego brick seemed a good option :)

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Drawing triangles with CSS 1

Drawing trangles with CSS and HTML

Believe it or not, triangle shapes can be drawn with pure CSS, no images needed. In this post I’ll be explaining how different types of triangles can be drawn with a clever little trick involving borders on an element.

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HTML5 Canvas

HTML5 Canvas: Save & restore 0

HTML5 Canvas: Save and restore

Here I am going to explain save and restore within a Canvas as best I can. Without a doubt, this was the hardest thing to get my head around, so it’ll certainly be useful to explain here what it could be used for, why it is useful, and how to implement it.

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HTML5 Canvas

HTML5 Canvas: Transformations 0

HTML5 Canvas: Transformations

With transformations, shapes drawn upon a Canvas can be moved to another spot on the Canvas, rotated, enlarged and reduced in size. I’ll be looking at how these transformations are achieved in this post, and explaining how they are applied.

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