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I really wanted to draw something with Adobe Illustrator, as I hadn’t used it in an age and I was fearing that I had forgotten how to use it, so I went on the hunt for something fun to draw. Seeing as I like cakes and bright colours, a cupcake was perfect 🙂

Cupcake illustration

I used a stock image by bubupoodle as the reference, so thank you very much to them, and I got to rediscover the magic of the Pathfinder tool in Illustrator. I could have worked more into the frosting, but I could see that being an endless hole of adding details upon details, and seeing as it was supposed to be a simple illustration, I left it as such. Hopefully I’ll have a bit of time to draw some other things soon.

Progress / alternate views

  • Cupcake illustration initial sketch

    Initial sketch

  • Cupcake illustration Adobe Illustrator outlines

    Adobe Illustrator path outlines

  • Cupcake illustration lineart