Sycora new office design concepts

Sycora will be moving to a new office soon, and I thought it was a good opportunity to brand it and create a nice pleasant space to work in. I shall be using The Sims 3 to plan things out, as its tools are surprisingly good for simple room designing, plus it was easy for me to get hold of :)

The space

The office space is located on the first floor, and has two rooms: a large room at the front of the building overlooking the street, and a smaller square room towards the back, with a separate door from the stairwell which will probably be used as a meeting room.

I don’t know the dimensions, I’m just going by what I saw when I went to look around the space and a couple of blurry photos that were taken. Here is a top-down view of the office space created in The Sims 3, as accurate as I could get it to real life:

New office view from above

I haven’t thought about the meeting room so much; I see it containing a table and chairs and a screen on the wall, to be used in meetings to discuss work being undertaken.

The main room has white desks lining the walls (they’re a bit nicer than the ones in my virtual room – it’s the closest I could get!) and three large windows letting in a lot of natural light. There are halogen spotlights throughout (again, the lights in my room aren’t accurate but they are the closest thing).

It would be nice to have a sofa and coffee table to give the room a more relaxed feel, and as a space to take some time out when needed. Another screen on the wall would be a good thing to have in the main toom too to show status of projects, screen videos and maybe just ambient effects.

New office back wall view

Feature wall options

I see the wall at the back of the main room being a feature wall with the Sycora logo on it, but I’m unsure as to the colour combination, so I created a few options:

Black logo on yellow wall

This was the first colour combination I created, but I’m not sure if a huge yellow wall is too garish! It’s eye-catching, but is it too much? The skirting board won’t actually be painted yellow too, so just pretend it’s white!

New office feature wall view with black logo on yellow wall option

Yellow logo on neutral wall

This combination is a lot more muted, having a yellow logo on top of a neutral-coloured wall matching all the others in the room.

New office feature wall view with yellow logo on neutral wall option

White logo on yellow wall

This combination is a mixture of the other two – the yellow wall is back, but with a white logo on top, to maybe be a little less shocking to the eyes than the black/yellow combination. Again, imagine the skirting board is white.

New office feature wall view with white logo on yellow wall option

If you have any opinions on colour combinations and/or layout, please let me know in the comments!